The journey is getting real

On march 30th, 2017 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer which was discovered incidentally. I believe there are no coincidences in life and that my neck pain problems from several years finally led to an MRI that incidentally discovered multi ocular cystic nodules on my right side.  This has been a true blessing because I have read that thyroid cancer is very silent, in my case it was not palpable or was not even showing up on my blood work but it was there slowly growing.  And finally it was revealed to me at the perfect time in my life.

I believe that many years of not voicing my truth in many areas of my life and not putting myself as a priority has resulted in this disease. Our bodies are always sending as signals but some of us are stubborn enough to not listen until we have no other way but to stop and listen.

Of course I panicked when I heard the news… I didn’t sleep that night, got cold feet and as per my previous mental patterns I started thinking of all the worst case scenarios. As a blessed mother of  two 3.5 yr old boys who are healthy and wonderful , my only concern was for me to be there for them active and healthy to enjoy life with then an my already very active & healthy husband.

I searched the web like crazy and ran into stats, YouTube videos, cancer stories but I think we create our own stories and because I used to have a negative tendency I ran into not so uplifting stories that were not good for me so I stopped. This is the main reason my I decided to create this blog to share my story under the most positive light possible to help others in a similar situation.

I first needed to do something with my mind. I needed some sort of mental relief or hope so I immediately turned to my dear Angel friend Elsa who does healing sessionswith angels . Unfortunately she was busy so I ended up calling the 1-800 angels hot line and I was given the news that something needed to be done at the physical level , that I needed to get ready for the aftermath of the surgery and living without a thyroid. The message that i wanted to hear the most from the angels healer was that i was not ” Ready to go HOME”. The angels said NO because i still have so much love to give and so many wonderful experiences to share with this body in this lifetime. I cried as I just needed to hear that i was saved and given another chance to recreate my life for the greater good not only for me but for all those I come in contact with.  At that point my mind and also my heart were at peace and ready to start my new journey.

Our minds are extremely powerful and we create our reality with our thoughts. This is what many enlighten healers would say such as Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer (among many others).

I started 2 weeks ago doing daily meditations, going to bed listening to audio books with affirmations and relaxing meditations for sleeping. I can tell already my sleeping patterns have improved compared to almost 4 years of being sleep deprived with my little ones I totally forgot how necessary is to have a restful night sleep.

I have more to share about the mind and how I am training my mind to change its old patterns but I have to go get ready for my doctor’s appointment.


Sending love and light to all!





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