Testimonials & making my own decision

As I am in my journey to heal my thyroid cancer naturally I started doubting on how much time to give myself to heal without putting my health at risk as per modern medicine standards. I found two women that were able to heal significantly to cancer free with natural methods but ended up removing their thyroids which actually made me feel disappointed. Am I going to be the first one? How long should I give my body to heal? I know that my decision is going to cause controversy mainly with my family as I have a family member asking me almost every day about the surgery date. Gladly my husband is very supportive of my decision but once the 2 month mark goes by what is going to happen? I started experiencing fear after reading and hearing the testimonials and started remember the words of Deepak Chopra: “My soul is fearless” and “observe your fear, feel it and let it go”.

I saw a video of a woman the defied traditional doctors and started seeing positive results within 2 months as well as seeing her tumors shirking, however, after 3 yrs she decided to remove her thyroid.

I also read that less aggressive cancers like thyroid take longer to heal. How much is longer? I also read that cancer that is only on the thyroid untreated has little life threatening effects. However, I also have it on my right nodule.

As I am writing I see a lot of doubt and that is why I need as per the medium doctor to write my own prayer and have FAITH.

My Prayer: Dear GOD, Spirit and angels please help me see clearly to make the best decision for my healing process. Help me in increasing my FAITH exponentially. Shower me with your light and please help me remove all my fears. Thank you for your mercy in my healing process.


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