My healing routine

Besides following the guidelines of my holistic nutritionist, I wake up every day trying to do something fun. On Mondays, I go to Zumba which I love so much because i am mostly in the present moment, trying to follow the steps and listening to the latino music that makes me so happy and reminds me of my roots. I am also trying to ride my bike every morning while listening to Deepak Chopra or my beloved Louise hay. I have been focusing on forgiveness mediations and find myself crying and with a knot in my throat but towards the end of the bike ride I feel better. Every day I do this it feels different but always healing. I also cook a lot not only my raw vegan diet but for my boys and husband. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking or washing dishes but I know this investment of time is totally worth it because it means a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Out of my daily routine the hardest part for me is to try to keep positive and loving thoughts all the time. I am learning to break my old thinking patterns that have clearly impacted my health and what I manifest in my life.

Affirmations , mirror work and angel cards are my current tool of choice to break through my old mental patterns. I want to manifest loving and nurturing relationships with my family, old friends and new friends. I want to learn new skills and enjoy fun outdoorsy activities with my loved ones.


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