Conventional Medicine not ready yet to collaborate with Alternative Medicine?

I had a second meeting with the endocrinologist as per the surgeon’s suggestions for me to ask questions about the surgery and life after surgery. Also, I wanted to have him doing blood work and ultrasounds to ensure that the thyroid nodules were shrinking. Unfortunately, this doctor declined to support me in waiting more time to do the surgery as he says that the only way to heal thyroid cancer is with surgery and that I can’t wait any longer. Of course, that freaked me out as he told me all the worst case scenario consequences of waiting for surgery. I believe the body has the capacity to heal itself. I have read stories of people with cancer even more aggressive than thyroid cancer and being able to heal themselves. I also know that we can lean on modern medicine to be vigilantly active that the healing is progressing by monitoring with the new equipment that we have such as ultrasounds or blood work. At this point no doctor from modern medicine wants to go along with me on this journey and makes me wonder if this is a test on my faith. I know the angels blessed the surgery and suggested me to do so and I also know that the universe works with our intentions. If my intention is to heal without surgery and this aligns to my greater good and higher purpose I need to get a sign to decide on which route to take towards my healing. I know that I need to trust my intuition and look for synchronicity signals.

My signals so far:

  • I feel great and lost 10 lbs. I am back the weight I had 10 yrs ago.
  • I am sleeping better in average 5-6 hrs. straight a lot more than before where I used to wake up every 2-3 hrs.
  • I met today a great acupuncturist that is also supporting me in my alternative healing process.
  • My holistic nutritionist has given me guidelines to fully stop cancer cells from growing and detoxify my body. Including Gerson diet, herbs, clay, coffee enemas, algae & ashwaghanda
  • Angels told me that I needed to do something at the physical level and that if I do the surgery it will not heal me and I would feel messed up after surgery that I should try herbs and something about a plane or a trip
  • Angels told me in another session to do the surgery and they blessed it.
  • Modern medicine doctors don’t know what range to give me to do the surgery some say 6 weeks, 6 months or as soon as possible.I know I have to follow what makes me feel good and right now taking charge of my healing holistically without surgery feels right. I know I can’t deny modern medicine and I am willing to do another ultrasound in a few weeks just to make sure that everything is going in divine order. Then after these two weeks I will check my signals and make another decision.
  • Angels told me today in my daily card to look for synchronicity and today my meeting with the acupuncturist was such a blessing. She mentioned many alternative methods to support my kids with their sleeping patters and also for my husband that sweats a lot at night. She even gave me beauty tips for gray hair and many other ideas on how to be more healthy. She also told me you are going to be FINE. And sometimes that is all we need to hear from another soul. 😊

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