WW Hay House Summit: Healers making a better world

For the first time, I signed up for the WW Hay House Summit which is the most wonderful platform for healers and spiritually evolved people to share their passion with others in order to help make a better world.

I have listened to my old time favorites: Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Abraham-hicks and found a doctor named Lisa Rankin. She wrote a book called Mind over Medicine that really helped me start working on my healing process from the mind stand point.

First question that she asks her patients:

What does your body need in order to heal? My answer:

Find a new profession that focuses on healing in a non-traditional way

Move to a city with mountains, lots of trees, lakes and beach nearby to enjoy outdoorsy healing time with my family and friends.

She also mentioned in her webinar that there are 2 common behaviors for healing: Cleaning diet & Taking Herbs which I started two months ago. Then she suggests to choose one thing every day to heal yourself. In my case I have been practicing daily meditation, dancing Zumba once a week and taking my boys to a special place after school or hanging out with a dear friend.

Another questions in her list: If I could break any rule what would it be? Quit my job and immerse myself in holistic healing by attending seminars and taking in person and online courses. Connecting with like minded people.

She talks about a Self repair mechanism since we naturally have a fight or flight reaction and the way to recharge or enable a healthier life is to focus on our relaxation response. I have read that auto immune disorders or even thyroid cancer originates from high levels of stress where the constant way to be is fight or flight. I have found myself for the past +5 years dealing with a lot of stress from my corporate job and after my boys were born dealing with the huge challenge  of wanting to be a present mom and having a full time job. Working moms reading this can understand the guilt and exhaustion we go through in the early years or our little ones and how most of us decide to de-prioritize on our health.

Dr. Rankin says “Positive thoughts” activate the relaxation response and our Stress hormones drop. This is fully aligned with my dear Louise Hay practice. Focus always on the positive, drop any negative thought as soon as it arises in your mind and focus on what you do want in your life.

So I went through the exercise of listing my relaxation responses and suggest you do the same 😊.

What are my relaxation responses? Choose one every day.

  • Meditation (10-20 mins) 2x per day. Repeat mantra and passively let thoughts go by. Create and altar for mediation.
  • Dancing, love it! I lose myself dancing latin music.
  • Yoga (sometimes) I can get mental with yoga
  • Reading or listening to passionate topics such as Angels, Spirituality, Medical intuition & Course in Miracles.
  • Praying
  • Massage
  • Generosity or Kindness

Another idea she mentions is to give 29 gifts in 29 days since giving activates self-repair mechanisms.

Finding a doctor that makes you feel good is another great advice, however, I have found it difficult with traditional medicine doctors as they just want to get rid of the symptom not treat the root casue and present all the worst case scenarios (focusing on the negative). They don’t even care about nutrition which is critical for our bodies to heal. And on top of all this most of the traditional doctors are not willing to collaborate with alternative medicine.

Finally, Dr. Ranking suggest reducing stress responses by reviewing all aspects of your life. Below key aspects of my life and my current diagnosis:

  • Spirituality: I am doing daily meditation and praying but need to connect with my community.
  • Environment: Love my home and neighborhood. However, the city is not my favorite. Materialistic, hot all the time. Needs more green cooling energy.
  • Money: It could become a source of stress if I change my job. Feel pressure to be main provider in my household.
  • Physical Health: Focusing fully on my body as never before due to my diagnosis. And now this is a lifestyle forever.
  • Mental Health: Need to allow more positive thoughts to flood my daily thoughts. Find myself diverting my energy with negative thoughts or absorbing negative energy from others.
  • Relationships: Need to focus on improving my intimacy with my husband and finding new nurturing friends.
  • Healthy professional life: I am in a good position now that doesn’t give me high levels of stress as my previous job but feel no passion about it. It is just comfortable and an easy pay check.
  • Sex life: need to find more time and feel more sensual and free.
  • Time to express creatively : looking passionately for this. I believe is dancing for now and also writing this blog. Getting more professional could be the next step 😉

Hope this framework provides you with a guide to start your own diagnosis. And God Bless Dr. Lisa Rankin and all healers making this a better world by showing us different paths to the light.


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