Second Ultrasound results

It has ben 3 months since my diagnosis and today I had a second ultrasound. Due to difference in machines and techniques the nodules seemed a couple of millimeters larger but the doctor said that they are essentially the same size. The technician mentioned seeing calcification in the malignant nodules and I found a very interesting blog about reversing calcification here. The good news is that they are not growing, and I got again confirmation that they are slow growers which gives me time to heal naturally. The not so good news is that there is a new nodule on the left side that is 0.69 cm and it is fluid not solid but it wasn’t there before. The technician told me not to worry about it and also that in 25 yrs she has never seen a cancerous nodule shrink or disappear. Am I the going to be first one? 😊 I am trying to keep my spirits high, but I have to admit I felt a little down today after the ultrasound. I keep repeating myself let GO and let GOD in , only GOD Is in control. I am going to talk to my holistic nutritionist and with my higher self through meditation and prayer to make a decision on how much more time until my next decision. Coincidentally a couple of nurses shared with me of cases where people with a similar diagnosis like mine took over 1 year or 2 years to do the surgery. I am only 3 months in,,,and I am praying for a MIRACLE. Only good comes my way and I know what is best for me and God and the angels are guiding me through this process. AMEN.


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