Unblocking my resistance to find my life’s purpose

Many of the well renowned healers I like to follow say that our essence is pure love, our spirit nature is full of joy and ever-expanding. It is our ego and emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy and so on that block our true nature. And if blocked for a long period of time it may cause disease like in my cause it materialized as thyroid cancer. In my quest for unblocking my resistance I started doing daily meditation with angels and Qigong exercises to let my energy flow in my mind and body, however, it seems that my ego still doesn’t want to let go to a point that I started having pain in my crown chakra. I found out about my crown chakra blockage through my massage therapist. I came to him with a request to do scalp massage because the sides of my head hurt. I thought it was from my sunglasses as I have larger than normal head size 😊. Surprisingly, at the end of the massage he asks me: Are you a spiritual person? I replied, Yes I am. And he said: is there anything in your life blocking your spiritual connection? Immediately I thought to myself of course there is, I have been felling fear, anxiety, doubt, lack of faith and after I answered yes I realized the angels sent him to talk to me and let me know to LET GO. Just LET GO of negative thought patterns, JUST LET GO of those emotions that don’t serve me. It sounds simple but personally it has not been that easy for me. I am working on it and in the process, I am going to keep on doing daily qigong exercises, meditation and praying.

One morning, while doing my daily routine I looked at my book shelf and found a book from over 10 years ago from Dan Millman about finding life’s purpose that I never read and started reading it. While doing so I found that my life purpose is 31/4 which means that I need to work through issues of stability, creativity, and emotional expression. This is completely aligned with my throat chakra blockage since I have suppressed my expression and creativity for most of my life, however, at my current corporate job I found myself very good at a step by step process way of working which has allowed me to have a somewhat successful career but there is no room creativity or expression as you are only allowed to play by certain rules inside a very closed framework.

When looking at my personal life I see that I had a few bumps on the way by marrying too young and getting a divorce 5 years later, getting in to a toxic relationship right after my divorce and marrying a second time and wanting to have kids right away just because I was in a rush due to my imaginary and self-imposed by society “biological clock”. I don’t regret any of my choices, but I could have made different choices that would have made my process easier by achieving faster my life’s purpose.

With my food guidelines and spiritual routine in place for the past 2 months I am going to focus now on my life’s purpose journey with the help of this book and any other guidance that spirit wants to place in my journey. Thank you, God and angels, for loving me, guiding me and inspiring me. AMEN.


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